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   * [[http://​​developers/​docs/​hs_usb_pdg_r1_0.pdf| INTEL, High Speed USB Platform Design   * [[http://​​developers/​docs/​hs_usb_pdg_r1_0.pdf| INTEL, High Speed USB Platform Design
 Guidelines]] Guidelines]]
 +  * Tira cálculos reales en cuatro y dos capas: http://​​geek-area/​electronics/​pcb-design/​general-pcb-design/​pcb-track-impedance 
 +  * Presenta una técnica para bajar el ancho de pista: http://​​blog/​high-speed-usb-in-a-two-layer-pcb/​
 ===Cálculos con Kicad=== ===Cálculos con Kicad===
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